Health & Beauty

Anastasia Apart hotel gives you the opportunity to devote part of your stay to your health and beauty.

Health and Relax
*Classic Massages
Entire Body Massage
includes Lumbar, Back, Neck, Head, Upper and Lower limbs
50 min.
Partial Massage includes Back, Neck 25 min.
Foot Massage includes Feet, Entire legs, Lumbar 30 min.
Feet Massage – Reflexology 30 min.
Head and Facial Massage 20 min.
Anti-stress – Aroma – Full Body and Facial Massage 70 min.
*Healing Massages
Deep Muscle Toning Body Massage – Entire Body 50 min.
Anti–cellulite massage includes 4 parts of the body – legs, waist, stomach, arms 35 min.
Anti-cellulite massage – Partial, you can choose between legs, waist or stomach 20 min.
Honey Massage – Entire Body 40 min.
Honey Massage – Partial 20 min.
*Combined Massages
Partial Massage includes Back, Neck + Anti–cellulite massage
including 4 parts of the body – legs, waist, stomach, arms
60 min.
Classic entire body massage + feet massage
Reflexology + head and facial massage
1 hour and 40 min.

* With reservation

Reiki Meditation

Reiki is universal life energy a form of alternative medicine developed in the first half of XX century by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. The name Reiki descended from Japanese hieroglyphs  Rei / soul, spirit, univers/  Ki or Chi /energy, life/

* Reiki Therapy: 45 - 60 min.

Placing the hands on specific positions on the body or eliminating the direct contact of the hands by using energy from a very close distance. The effect of the procedure is a state of complete and deep relaxation, income of power and energy, release of negative emotions, stress and tension; achievement of complete peace and harmony. Reiki procedure stimulates the natural healing process. A series of 3-6 times procedures is recommended to achieve effect when treating chronic conditions.

Benefits of Reiki:

  • Relief from stress and tension;
  • Inner harmony;
  • Improving health and confidence;
  • Increased energy and vitality;
  • Greater efficiency and productivity at work;
  • Confidence and self-control;
  • Detecting the prime causes of diseases;
  • Purification of the body of toxics and more poisons;
  • Healing and longer life.

Procedures are performed by Maya Boteva, teacher of Reiki and meditation. For several years, is dedicated to the ancient science Reiki and meditation teacher in the line of  Dr.Usui and Macao Satia Sai Baba.

* With reservation

Beauty with Natura Bisse

*Special skin care - Peeling
Magnetic Ritual with diamond dust 90 min.
Signature Meso Sculpting 60 min.
Golf massage 50 min.
Cellulite massage combined with the new apparatus for vacuum drainage 50 min.
*Facial Treatments
O2 Awakening 60 min.
Citrus-a-peel with Vitamin C 60 min.
Age-Defying face 60 min.
The Cure- Enzymatic Detoxifying Cure 60 min.
Hydro  immersion 50 min.
Age-defying Lip&Eye 50 min.
Procedure for men 60 min.
True Blush 60 min.
La Alternativa 60 min.

* With reservation


  • Air-conditioned gym
  • Daylight
  • Personal trainings
  • Cardio and fitness equipment
  • Experienced gym instructors

* The facility is under construction

Relaxation room

  • Wooden lounges and soft covers
  • Special music for relaxation
  • Soft light and calm atmosphere
  • Relax bar – health and fresh drinks, fresh and dried fruits, juices, wide selection of herbal and exotic tea
  • There is a variety of magazines at the disposal of the guests

This is a place where you will enjoy the silence and put in order your thoughts. 

* The facility is under construction


  • Solarium
  • Soft and warm comfort

Grant yourself more self- confidence, having more energy from the sun and sun- tan through the most modern solar technologies.   

* The facility is under construction


  • Finish sauna
  • Sauna with aromatherapy

The healing and purifying effect of the sauna allows the body to rid itself of the toxins, to rejuvenate the skin and to improve the functioning of the heart, expanding the blood vessels.

* The facility is under construction