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Investment building group ASPECTI
  • We work for you with professionalism, quality and love.
  • We have many years of experience in civil construction.
  • We have constructed 55 buildings in prestigious locations in Sofia with a total of more than 430,000 square meters of built up area.
  • Over 6,000 clients vested their confidence in us when they had to decide on their home.
  • The buildings erected by us have become home to more than 24,000 people.
  • The Bulgarian spirit and traditions are of special value for us.
  • You will identify our building by the flags: the Bulgarian one - to remind us of our roots and traditions and the flag of united Europe - to emphasize our new affiliation.
IBG ASPECTI¬Ш Motopista district, Slavovitsa Str., block 24E, office 1-2,
1404 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 2 958 96 96
+359 2 958 97 97
Mob: +359 899 93 40 27

Which are our objectives?

The IBG ASPECTI's objective is to build for its clients a happy home - of high quality, functional, in a well designed infrastructure environment, in tune with the growing requirements and world standards. Our objective is to contribute with contemporary and architecturally modern buildings to the new vision of Bulgaria as a member country of the European Union. Our objective is not just to build a property, but to make our clients owners of a comfortable habitat and therefore we design relaxed and cozy dwellings, we build with high quality technology, making use of materials of the latest European and world standards, we develop the environment and the infrastructure and we provide security and set up conditions for full fledged living.

Which are our achievements?

The IBG ASPECTI has invested in and built 50 blocks of flats in prestigious areas of the city of Sofia comprising flats, shops, offices, studios, ateliers, garages and relevant elements of the technical infrastructure, as well as many administrative and commercial edifices, detached houses, villas etc.

Some of the more significant constructions built by us are:

  • Serdikia Housing estate comprising 6 buildings - Southern park;
  • Bulgaria - 1 and Bulgaria - 2 Administrative offices and flats - Bulgaria Blvd;
  • Administrative premises and living quarters on Madrid Blvd - Sofia Center;
  • Housing estate of 3 buildings on Simeon Radev Street - Pavlovo area;
  • Blocks of flats on 18, 23 and 26 Kestenova Gora Street, 19 Orehova Gora Street, Zlatna Vrata Street - Strelbishte area;
  • Plana Planina Street, Yoan Exarches Street, Dimiter Hadjikotsev Street - Lozenets area;
  • 46 Pliska Street - Lagera area;
  • 84 Iskar Street, Panaiot Volov Street - Sofia Center;
  • Administrative and living quarters in the Motopista area;
  • Block of flats on 86-90 Boris III Blvd.;
  • Blocks of flats on 43 Tulcha Street and 18 Ruen Street - Strelbishte area;
  • Buket closed type housing estate including building management on Buket Street - Ovcha Kupel area and many others;
  • Trade center Aspecti located in Lulin 3 district;
  • Housing estate Antonida - Bukston distrct, 62 Ivan Susanin Str.;
  • Housing estate of 4 buildings Rainbow - Red Rainbow, Orange Rainbow, Blue Rainbow, Purple Rainbow - Boulevard Tsarigradsko shose, Poligona area;
  • Housing estate Waterfall - Boulevard Todor Kableshkov;
  • 4 buildings of Housing estate Rainbow - Yellow Rainbow, Green Rainbow, Pink Rainbow and Grey Rainbow;
  • Resort estate “Rose Garden” - Sunny Beach;
  • Housing estate Anastasia Residence - Boulevard Bulgaria, Sofia and others.